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Reposted;; December 07

Title: Ten Things We Knew
Fandom: DOGS
Pairings/Characters: Naoto, Haine, Badou and Nil. Naoto/Nil if you squint. Same goes for Naoto/Badou.
Rating: PG
Summary: Using the Random Word Generator (It's becoming a trend) just ten little somethings.

Naoto doesn’t remember what is like to be young, to have parents, to want anything other than revenge. But when Nil combs her hair and doesn’t say anything at all, she thinks she might remember how to be a girl.

Nil feels like a china doll in her gentle dresses, her eyes bright as they take in the world. She wonders if a simple touch will break her one day, shatter her porcelain skin. But Haine brings home the smell of blood and strength after every fight. She smiles and wishes she could sing.

Haine has never been a child. Badou might always be one. Naoto isn’t anything at all. Nil might not be human. But under their skin their bodies are young.

Naoto doesn’t like to lie. If someone has the strength its only fair to give an answer in return. But when Nil brushes gentle fingers over the edges of her scar (her fear, her strength, her life) an unspoken question on her face, Naoto finds herself smiling instead of speaking. It’s not really lying.

The three of them don’t fit together at all. Most days it feels as though a particularly vindictive child has squashed the wrong jigsaw pieces together and forced them to stay put. But they stay there anyway, because no one wants to mess with fate even if none believe in her.

Naoto is quiet in the mornings, just before the sun hits the stained windows. She drinks tea with Nil; watches Haine sleep in the pews and ponders the absence of desperation.

Sometimes, sometimes when Nil shakes him awake he forgets who she is. He focuses on the pain in her eyes and ignores the pain deep in his gut.

Badou thinks his eyes are going to fall out of his head when Naoto looks up at him from the window ledge and asks him to lift her up. She’s lighter than he expected (and it’s not his fault for assuming that she must have weighed a ton, with the dark that follows her around) and doesn’t say anything about needing his help later. Badou puffs on the end of his cigarette and very carefully doesn’t think about it.

It’s a Sunday morning when Nil quietly wraps her arms around Naoto’s shoulders, enfolds her in a warm hug. Naoto doesn’t breathe for the ten seconds they stay that way and Nil never does it again.

“Royal Flush” Badou says very clearly, just in case the other two players can’t see their brutal defeat. He grins around his cigarette and pointedly ignores the way Haine glowers and Naoto’s fingers curl around the hilt of her blade.
Tags: fic
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